Weddings are becoming more expensive each year. It’s no surprise that the cost of wedding venues is also going up. According to a survey, from The Knot the average price for a wedding venue in 2023 was $12,800 marking an increase from the years average of $11,200.


Looking ahead to 2024 experts anticipate that venue prices will continue to climb as couples seek out personalized spaces to exchange vows. With an increasing number of venues offering amenities and customization options, it’s expected that the cost of wedding venues will only rise further.


When selecting a wedding venue couples typically have expectations in mind. These often include a setting, room for guests, professional staff members, and various amenities like catering and decorations. However with the escalating costs of venues finding a location that ticks all these boxes while staying within budget can be quite challenging. This is where The Lodge at Bridal Creek shines. Situated 15 minutes, outside Tulsa. Offering something amidst the competition.


What’s on Offer, at The Lodge at Bridal Creek


As the cost of wedding venues continues to rise many couples may have concerns. However, at The Lodge at Bridal Creek, we are dedicated to providing value for our clients. Our 7,500 sq ft lodge is a choice for large weddings offering ample room for guests and all the necessary amenities to make your event beautiful and unforgettable.

But wait there’s more. As an added perk we also provide 12 overnight cabins at no cost for your guests. This means you can cut down on accommodation expenses while ensuring that your loved ones have a convenient place to stay.

At The Lodge at Bridal Creek, we recognize the significance of flexibility in planning your day. That’s why we permit outside catering and offer a catering bar equipped with a refrigerator, sink, and countertops for your convenience. Our outdoor lawn area serves as a spot for ceremonies while the separate reception area ensures a transition from one part of your event to the next.

Additional amenities available at our venue include a dressing room for the bride, a suite designated for the groom, tables and chairs, ample space for dancing, and 2 bar areas.

We also have a screen, for showcasing slideshows and videos along with a built-in sound system in case you don’t plan to hire a DJ or band. At Bridal Creek we offer these amenities without inflating our prices. We take pride in keeping our rates competitive while ensuring value for our clients.


Understanding the significance of sticking to a budget and creating the wedding of your dreams is crucial.


What makes The Lodge at Bridal Creek stand out? Apart from our pricing and top-notch amenities, we are dedicated to delivering service to our clients. Our team goes the extra mile to make sure your wedding day exceeds your expectations. We handle the indoor setup and take down so that you can fully enjoy your day with your loved ones.


Furthermore, our location boasts countryside and lake views providing a backdrop for your wedding photos. With alcohol permitted on site you can toast to the beginning of your life, in style. In conclusion, although the average cost of booking a venue in 2024 might be, on the rise you can rely on The Lodge at Bridal Creek to provide the value for your money. Our versatile lodge offers overnight cabins, flexible options, and competitive pricing to ensure that your wedding planning experience is as smooth and delightful as can be. Get in touch with us today to discover how we can turn your dream wedding into a reality at The Lodge, at Bridal Creek! Call us at (918) 376-3267.